Forms and Procedures

Work smart: automate the use of forms and procedures in your company. No need to enter information twice.

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Forms & Procedures (ISO)

From input screen to completed form

From a simple registration and badge-printing module for visitors to applications for developing and storing complicated procedures or quality-control manuals in PDF format. With a comprehensive analysis and the right procedure or forms-management software, you and Arcabase automate frequently used documents intelligently. You decide whether to include scenarios in which documents require the input or approval from various people.
ISO-certified companies, in particular, use this approach.

The benefits of online forms-management or procedures software?

  • Dispense with manual or electronic forwarding of documents
  • You receive the right information: you determine which fields are mandatory and which are not.
  • Fewer input errors thanks to pick lists for specific fields.
  • You determine the output format: print or electronic storage in PDF or another format.
  • You process and track information in real time.
  • 100% safe: you determine at all times who – both inside and outside your organisation – has access to what information. Arcabase encrypts password and content by means of SSL encryption

Work practically: integrate your application with other company software

Link your forms-management or procedures software to a document management system or CRM solution.

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