Mobile websites

Hook up with the popularity of mobile Internet. Make relevant information accessible in a user-friendly way through a mobile website.We develop your site for the Windows Mobile platform as well webapps for the iPhone.

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Mobile websites for Windows Mobile & iPhone

Make relevant information accessible on mobile phone or smartphone

Mobile Internet is gaining in popularity. For business and for private use. With your website designed for the screen of a mobile phone or smartphone, you create a positive user-friendly experience that will bring mobile web surfers back to your website faster. You and Arcabase develop the templates for making your information accessible for surfers on the move together.

The benefits of a mobile website?

  • Information anytime, anywhere.
  • A positive user experience: look-and-feel designed for a small screen.

Write once, publish many

Integrate your mobile website with your corporate website. Once your article has been loaded, the visitors will view the information on their medium of choice.

More information?

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