Business Intelligence

With the right KPIs on your dashboard, you will be able to analyse and interpret information more quickly and use it as the basis for decisions. Arcabase custom-develops your business software.

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Business intelligence

For a clear overview of the critical success factors in your company

Size creates distance. Larger companies split up into divisions. Divisions break down into teams. With customised business software, you keep the right KPIs in sight, improve your business intelligence and keep your finger on the pulse of your company in a more focused way.
How can you turn your business-software or ERP solution into a mirror on your organisation? The analysts at Arcabase can help you do that. Together, we identify the right processes and information fields.

The benefits of custom-designed business software?

  • Users are motivated to use your business software because they can see the benefit of every field.
  • You and your managers have clear reports to help make strategic and operational decisions.
  • Information “any time, any place”.
  • 100% safe: you have complete control over who has access to specific information. Both passwords and content are encrypted by means of SSL encryption 

Automated business processes as the basis for your business software

Business software or ERP is a collective term. Your information is derived from automated business processes: CRM, order management, invoicing, production management, inventory management.

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