Since CMS was introduced, there has been a steady growth of new functions, tools and terms related with content management systems. Here are some of the most frequent questions that most website owners and developers need to know.

What is access control?

This is the hierarchical system of permissions and privileges that keeps your content secure and also gives preferential permission to create, read, delete or modify website content. It simply controls who can do something and who cannot.

What are web analytics?

It is the study of the impact of a website to its visitors. It’s a statistical measure of the number of visitors to your site, how many of them were unique and not recurrent and also how these visitors found their way to your site. It could also show  the statistics of what keywords your visitors search on your site’s search engine, how much time they spent on a page or the on your site, what links they might have clicked and other measures of traffic. This can be used to determine what areas are popular and which areas have less traffic in general.

What is CSS? (Cascading Style Sheet)

This is the preferred method of adding styles like color, font and spacing to documents and designs on your site.

What is back end?

This is a program or database that is accessed by a website’s users indirectly through external applications.

What is front end?

It’s an interface that collects input from users in different states and processes it to convert it to whatever is suitable for the back end.

What is asset management?

It is the management of digital media and content such as music files, photos and videos and also text. This involves organization of these materials, publication and how they appear in the website.

What is a database server?

It is a program in a computer that stores and executes database services to other computer programs.

What is deployment?

In a system, this is the transformation of a computer system from a package to a state that is operational. In software, it describes all the steps in making software usable.

What is document management?

It is the storage and retrieval of electronic resources in their original format. This can be made easier by the use of Document management system that works in a similar way as Content management systems.

What is a log?

This is a record of progressive data. Examples are content and user logs.

What is load balancing?

It’s the act of distributing work to multiple computers, hard drives, network links and other resources.

What is RSS? (Really Simple Syndication)

It is a group of feed formats in the web that is used to publish content that is updated frequently. A good example of such content is blogs and headlines.

What is a sandbox?

This is a secure place that is used by developers to test software.

What is a static page?

It is a webpage that contains a single output in response to the download requests of users.