The Advantages of Using CMSs to Run your Site

Your business’s website is very essential since it is the medium of communication between you and your customers. This means that this website is like a mirror of how you manage your business. If you want to create a compelling first impression, then you need to make your website worth a second look. Very many businesses fail because their websites lose their visitors for them. Since investing too much time on your blog may also be harmful to your business, you need a system that can run and manage your website for you. This is where content management systems come in. Very many established businesses are using CMS, and here is why;

It needs no tech background

If your business is not in the technology niche, then you may have difficulties understanding most of the technicalities of the working of your blogging tools. However, CMS is made for the ‘ordinary’ person. It is so easy to use that a little experience with word processing software is enough for all the basic functions of the CMS. This also means that you do not have to invest time in training to be able to use CMS.


It permits many users

There are very many people who contribute to a website to make it successful. These could range from the people who contribute written content to those who manage content marketing and social media roles. This means that CMS has to allow access for as many people as the website needs. This is very profitable for websites with very many contributors since they can all contribute their parts whenever they wish.


It facilitates scheduling

There are very many steps in the pipeline of publishing web content. CMS allows you to monitor the progress of such content, updating you as they progress. For example, it can show you how many posts are in the drafts or how many have been posted. If you have many people handling these tasks for you, then you can monitor whether these tasks have been completed and also when they were completed.

Changing the site’s design is easier

Ever noted how many sites have to lockdown their sites whenever they want to make the simplest of changes? Well, with a CMS, you can avoid all that. This is because a CMS means that the design and the content of your website are in different virtual boxes and this means that you can make changes or updates to your site while it is still operational.


It helps you manage your content

If your blog or website is well established, then you might have noted that websites are not just about posting informative content and selling stuff. There comes a time when you have to give a promotion for some few days, or a discount on your products. After the promotion period is over, it is always advisable to pin down these pages to prevent misunderstandings. CMS makes this easier since it gives direct links to update or change such content. In addition, CMS can also be customized to run countdown timers on such timed content and then pin them down automatically after the time is up. Easy, right!

Factors to Consider when Choosing a CMS

Without predefined requirements, choosing a CMS can be very tricky. You may fall for those that have fancy tools that you will never need, or a CMS that sounds easy to use but misses some vital tools. To avoid disappointments and false hopes, it is good to understand what you should check in a CMS before choosing to use it. Below is a good list of these factors.

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Core functionality

A CMS’s basic functions include page organization, creating, editing and deleting content. Many people make the mistake of assuming that any CMS out there has all these basic functions installed. However, these are CMS that lack one or more of the basic functions while others have them at a level that is less intuitive than expected. For example, not all CMS, allow the tree hierarchy of page arrangement. They instead allow arrangement according to age or category. This and many other limitations can cause frustrations and should thus be examined carefully.


The text editor

The core functions of a text editor are addition and amendment of content. Many CMS use WYSIWYG editor which has limited functions that are included in modern editors.  You need a text editor that allow the content provider to mark up lists, headings, links and other important elements without affecting how they will appear. In addition, ensure that your editor can handle downloadable files and images.

Asset management

Some weak CMS have a poor handling of files and images. This could be in the form of poor usability or limited accessibility. When settling for a CMS, ensure that it has image editing tools like resizing, cropping and rotating. In the case of files, you need a CMS that handles file attachment and downloading. You also need to ask yourself how they appear to the users and visitors.


The search function

This is a very important function in any website. Most visitors search for the content they need whenever they visit your site. Instead of flipping through hundreds of pages, you need to allow them a place where they can type what they want and they search for it. Since most CMS have this function, it is the finer details of search that matter. How often does search index the latest content? Does search include webpages only or both webpages and files? How fast is the search engine? Can you customize what appears in search? All these are important considerations about the site engine in your CMS.

Presentation Customization

How the content in your website is displayed should not be controlled by technology. You need a CMS that doesn’t limit the design and accessibility of your content. Settle for a CMS that allows you to customize how your website appears to visitors.


Multilingual support

This is perhaps the most important feature of all business and corporate websites. What happens when a customer doesn’t understand the language used on your site? Can they translate the content freely on the site? If your business has an international market, or intends to grow to reach such a scope, then you need thee feature to make it easier for customers and visitors to understand your website’s content.

The most Common CMS of all Time

Whether you are setting up a website for your company or a standard blog, you need to let CMS take the load off your shoulders. Apart from making work easier, CMS also improves site maintenance and saves time when upgrading or changing some aspects of your site. Here is a rich list of the most popular CMS used today.



This is the most common CMS and also the easiest to access. It has gained favor due to its quick installation process and also the supportive user and developer community. It also has lots of usable enhancements and plugins and also a huge well of templates. Its easy CSS and PHP file editing also makes it a favorite for both professionals and beginners alike.



Joomla is more customizable than WordPress which helps it hold the second position. It is also simple to use and can be used comfortably for any purpose. It also gains favor since its admin section is very easy to use and also has a wide array of templates and feed styles. Content blocks and tools for menu management also make it a favorite of many website owners.



If you have no coding knowledge, then this is the best choice for you. You get to enjoy the finest CMS applications with little or nocodingskills needed. It is user friendly and also allows multiple styles to be used on the same page.  In addition, it reduces the need for SEO since it was made for search engines. This means that it can present all information needed by Google and other search engines without the use of any additional plugin.



It has a minimal admin interface and a design engine that is very flexible. It comes packed with import tools which are very important when transferring content from a different CMS. It also features an anti-spam feature that blocks any unwanted comments on your pages. It is also rich in availableplugins.



It pays a lot of attention on the end user when developing the user’s interface and also provides a simple hook to install new features and change the design of both the admin and front end screens.It has a wide array of different engines for example; gallery, membership and blogs. This makes it suitable for any business website.



This is a free CMS that is quickly becoming a first choice for many new websites. It is similar to WordPress in that you can add many modules to increase its functionality. However, there are some cases of website failure with Drupal users, but this should not prevent you from using it since it has worked for so most users.



It is designed to save time for all contributors and also comes cheap. It maintains its focus on the web designer, the owner and also the end user without partiality. It makes it possible for people to build websites without investing a lot of money or time into the undertaking.



While most CMS come with their software written in PHP, this CMS has most of its software written in ASP.Net. This makes it very suitable for windows users. The fact that most people use Windows OS makes it popular among many people.